“The Importance of Data Privacy for Travel Agencies: Protecting Your Customers’ Personal Information”

Data privacy is a crucial issue for businesses in the Philippines, including travel agencies. For travel agencies, data privacy is important because they collect and process a significant amount of personal data from their customers, including names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and payment information. In some cases, they may also collect sensitive data suchContinue reading ““The Importance of Data Privacy for Travel Agencies: Protecting Your Customers’ Personal Information””

Privacy Matters: Understanding Data Privacy in the Philippines

The Data Privacy Act of 2012 is a law in the Philippines that aims to protect the privacy of individuals with respect to their personal data in information and communications systems. The law sets out rules for the collection, use, storage, and processing of personal data by both government and private entities. Some of theContinue reading “Privacy Matters: Understanding Data Privacy in the Philippines”

Is Sim registration beneficial??

Is your SIM registered already? Deadline to register is fast approaching. Since December 29, 2022, all users must register their SIM cards; otherwise, they will be permanently deactivated after six months. Additionally, new SIM card users must register their cards before using them. Once a customer buys a SIM card, retailers and telecom companies areContinue reading “Is Sim registration beneficial??”

Data Privacy Seminar: Key Takeaways and Strategies for Implementation.

On March 24, 2023, ADM and Partners successfully held its first in-person seminar since the onset of the pandemic at Oracle Katipunan. The seminar attracted the highest number of participants seen in the past few years. Atty. Princess Hyacinth Ladia, the Compliance Services Head of ADM and Partners, and data protection officer for three exclusiveContinue reading “Data Privacy Seminar: Key Takeaways and Strategies for Implementation.”

Importance of Data Protection Officer (DPO)

In the Philippines, the data protection law went into effect in 2016. Many organizations are perplexed and uncertain as to the purpose of designating a DPO. DPO or Data Protection officer: refers to an individual designated by the head ofagency or organization to ensure its compliance with the Act, its IRR, and other.issuances of theContinue reading “Importance of Data Protection Officer (DPO)”

ADM & Partners—now accredited as an IPT by the NPC

ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting, Inc. has been accredited as an Institutional Privacy Trainer (IPT) by the National Privacy Commission (NPC). A virtual event hosted by the NPC took place last October 18, 2021, formally recognizing and confirming the certificate of accreditation to 10 IPTs and 3 APTs (Accredited Privacy Trainer). The formalContinue reading “ADM & Partners—now accredited as an IPT by the NPC”


Data privacy greatly influenced the changing regulatory landscape of businesses around the globe. Companies, corporations and offices that are mandated to comply must be prepared for additional works, increase of administrative activities, audits and compliance checks.  According to the PriveSec report of TrustArc, these are achievable by observing a continuous compliance program which involves implementing policies,Continue reading “DATA PRIVACY: FIVE STEPS FOR CONTINUOUS COMPLIANCE PROGRAM by Rachel Granates”

Tips in Conducting your PIA by Asha Abdulraheem

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is the second pillar of data privacy accountability and compliance. After registering your Data Protection Officer (DPO) with the National Privacy Commission (NPC), the next step is to know, evaluate, and manage the data privacy risks that are present in your operations. Here are some tips that can help you inContinue reading “Tips in Conducting your PIA by Asha Abdulraheem”

Importance of Data Privacy Compliance by Asha Abdulraheem

With the rise of technology and the vast products and services that are available to the public, it is said that the personal data of individuals is now the new oil that keeps the economy running. It is the collection or processing of personal data that makes companies and organizations alive and without such, organizationsContinue reading “Importance of Data Privacy Compliance by Asha Abdulraheem”