Data Privacy Seminar: Key Takeaways and Strategies for Implementation.

On March 24, 2023, ADM and Partners successfully held its first in-person seminar since the onset of the pandemic at Oracle Katipunan. The seminar attracted the highest number of participants seen in the past few years. Atty. Princess Hyacinth Ladia, the Compliance Services Head of ADM and Partners, and data protection officer for three exclusiveContinue reading “Data Privacy Seminar: Key Takeaways and Strategies for Implementation.”

What information can you divulge during a job interview?

Even while every job application is unique, in order to successfully complete the application, you’ll need to gather a variety of personal information. This contains information about your professional background, academic background, and current contact details. Here are some tips that you may provide in a job interview: Only Share Data That Is Relevant: You wantContinue reading “What information can you divulge during a job interview?”

How can you stop hackers from accessing your data through inactive devices?

When an individual stops using a product, they typically just discard it, sell it online, or abandon their gadget. However, there is no guarantee that data on destroyed devices can no longer be recovered. Some business owners, in particular, who are tech savvy, can still recover data from abandoned or destroyed devices. From this pointContinue reading “How can you stop hackers from accessing your data through inactive devices?”

Importance of Data Protection Officer (DPO)

In the Philippines, the data protection law went into effect in 2016. Many organizations are perplexed and uncertain as to the purpose of designating a DPO. DPO or Data Protection officer: refers to an individual designated by the head ofagency or organization to ensure its compliance with the Act, its IRR, and other.issuances of theContinue reading “Importance of Data Protection Officer (DPO)”

Good Tips for Data Protection in Online Dating!

The majority of single people dream of finding true love. Nevertheless, they jumped at the chance on using online dating apps to meet “THE ONE”. Some individuals are fortunate while some are not. But is it safe for us to utilize this online app? Here are a few pointers that can help us stay safeContinue reading “Good Tips for Data Protection in Online Dating!”

How to Protect your Online Game Account from Hackers.

Nowadays, not just geeks play video games. The number of individuals that play games globally has made the gaming business one of the sectors with the quickest rate of growth on earth. This is due to the variety of platforms that are available, ranging from personal computers and gaming consoles to handhelds, smartphones, and tablets.Continue reading “How to Protect your Online Game Account from Hackers.”

Protecting your credit card information.

As our generation advances, so do our means of meeting our basic needs. One is how we purchase items, whether it be from a store or online. The majority of consumers pay with credit cards or electronic funds transfers. Credit card companies enforce the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to ensure retailersContinue reading “Protecting your credit card information.”