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ADM & Partners—now accredited as an IPT by the NPC

ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting, Inc. has been accredited as an Institutional Privacy Trainer (IPT) by the National Privacy Commission (NPC). A virtual event hosted by the NPC took place last October 18, 2021, formally recognizing and confirming the certificate of accreditation to 10 IPTs and 3 APTs (Accredited Privacy Trainer). The formalContinue reading “ADM & Partners—now accredited as an IPT by the NPC”

Profiling and Data Privacy

If the collection of your information was pursuant to a legal obligation or duty, this must be done in good faith and carried out with justice. Meaning to say, your data and information should not be collected in a harassing manner.


The usage of closed-circuit television (CCTV) nowadays became even more prevalent in the world of technology. Installing CCTVs aids in identifying future anomalies, provides people with the feeling of safety, and gives a long-term cost-effective solution to privacy and security concerns. CCTVs are tools which support safety and security of personal information controllers (PICs) andContinue reading “CCTV AND DATA PRIVACY”

A More Privacy-Conscious World

Let us look at some options that gives more power to the user and have them be involved in the protection, security and privacy of their own accounts.

How to Protect Data in the Academe

More and more schools are adopting their own platforms that their students can accessed online to view their records and grades, conduct surveys, see their schedules and remaining classes, and even enroll. Know how to protect the data in your care today.


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