How can you stop hackers from accessing your data through inactive devices?

When an individual stops using a product, they typically just discard it, sell it online, or abandon their gadget. However, there is no guarantee that data on destroyed devices can no longer be recovered. Some business owners, in particular, who are tech savvy, can still recover data from abandoned or destroyed devices. From this pointContinue reading “How can you stop hackers from accessing your data through inactive devices?”

Data Protection v. Data Privacy

Understanding the term itself is the first step in order to be able to fully grasp its concept and how it is applied. Data Protection and Data Privacy, being synonymous to each other, are always most likely to be interchanged. However, no matter how interconnected these both are, the two have different meanings and applicationsContinue reading “Data Protection v. Data Privacy”


Data Privacy became one of the big issues that countries around the world have been trying to address. Privacy advocates in the Philippines demanded for stringent privacy laws and the government responded. Because of that, we have now the Data Privacy of 2012 (DPA) which is being implemented by the National Privacy Commission (NPC).  ButContinue reading “DATA PROTECTION AND ONLINE PROFILING by Rachel Granates”