Data privacy greatly influenced the changing regulatory landscape of businesses around the globe. Companies, corporations and offices that are mandated to comply must be prepared for additional works, increase of administrative activities, audits and compliance checks. 

According to the PriveSec report of TrustArc, these are achievable by observing a continuous compliance program which involves implementing policies, procedures, best practices, measurement and oversight. 

These are some steps that can be considered. 

First, policies that are approved and communicated to relevant parties within an organization are critical. These should not just be internally focused, but should also highlight what external policies, laws and regulations the organization need to comply with to ensure all bases are covered.

Second, creating the right procedures involve designating responsibilities and daily duties as well as assigning ownership of tasks.

Third, best practices need to be followed for settings, program configurations and dealing with third-party vendors.

Fourth, to ensure your data protection program is mature and working well, you need to be able to measure it. This should be achieved through setting baselines and key performance indicators then testing your program against these.

And lastly, oversight is only possible if management is given the ability to detect anomalies, respond to changes and have true governance.

As businesses expand throughout Asia, America, Europe, Australia and Africa, they need to properly handle the complexity of the regulatory compliance. With proper planning, policies and procedures in place along with right technologies, organizations can prevent themselves from being sunk in hefty compliance regulatory fines.

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