Data Privacy Seminar: Key Takeaways and Strategies for Implementation.

On March 24, 2023, ADM and Partners successfully held its first in-person seminar since the onset of the pandemic at Oracle Katipunan. The seminar attracted the highest number of participants seen in the past few years.

Atty. Princess Hyacinth Ladia, the Compliance Services Head of ADM and Partners, and data protection officer for three exclusive organizations, discussed the overview of the Data Privacy Act. She emphasized that the Data Privacy Act is important because it protects the fundamental right of individuals to privacy. It aims to regulate the collection, use, storage, and processing of personal information by individuals and organizations, including government agencies and private entities. The law ensures that personal data is processed in a transparent and lawful manner, and that individuals are given control over their personal information. It also mandates the implementation of security measures to protect personal data against any unauthorized access or disclosure.

Atty. MaryKnoll Grospe, a litigation lawyer, and an instructor at Taguig City University, a Data Protection Specialist at ADM and Partners, provided insights on the registration and appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO). She said that failure to appoint a DPO or register the DPO with the NPC can result in penalties and fines, as well as damage to the organization’s reputation. Conversely, appointing a DPO and registering them with the NPC can demonstrate the organization’s commitment to data protection, build trust with customers and stakeholders, and provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Atty. Arnel Mateo, the President & CEO of ADM and Partners, made a comprehensive discussion on Privacy Impact Assessments, also known as PIA. He said that conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) can aid in identifying potential threats and risks inherent in our processes. The importance of PIA lies in its ability to help organizations make informed decisions about the implementation of a project or program that involves personal data. By identifying and assessing privacy risks and impacts, organizations can take steps to mitigate or eliminate these risks before the project or program is implemented. This helps to ensure that individuals’ privacy rights are protected, and that the organization is in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. Overall, PIA is an important tool for organizations to assess and manage privacy risks and ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations, while also building trust with stakeholders.

Mr. Jeffrey Abergos, the Marketing Head of ADM and Partners, delivered the closing remarks. He encouraged all the participants to take necessary actions to comply with the DPA and to explore partnering with ADM and Partners in their road to compliance. Roland Homeres III, a law student from San Sebastian College and a Data Protection Specialist of ADM and Partners, hosted the seminar.

ADM and Partners is grateful for the overwhelming success of the seminar and the enthusiastic participation of the attendees. As we move forward, ADM and Partners look forward to organizing more seminars and training sessions for organizations that are seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of data privacy.

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