Privacy and Personalization

In this day and age, in order to get the best out of the integration and connectivity of our laptop and mobile gadgets like cellphone and tablets, we opt to use one account to be used on all our gadgets. This facilitates easy access to our data stored in these accounts. An example of thisContinue reading “Privacy and Personalization”

Privacy Rights under the Data Privacy Act

The Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA) or Republic Act 10173 is the law which seeks to protect personal data of individuals and imposes upon the government and the private sector the obligation to safeguard said data. The data subject refers to an individual whose personal, sensitive personal, or privileged information is processed.  Under theContinue reading “Privacy Rights under the Data Privacy Act”


(In this Decision, one of the issues discussed by the National Privacy Commission (NPC) is phishing and the responsibility for avoiding the same. Considering that phishing activities are rampant, it is worthy to note that both the data subject and the Personal Information Controller (PIC) shall exercise all efforts not to fall victim on saidContinue reading “NPC DECISION RE PHISHING: Ignacio v. BPI, CID No. 17-K-004”


There are people who are lobbying for the public disclosure of the name/identity of the covid19 patient/person under investigation (PUI)/person under monitoring (PUM) for the reason of public health/safety concern. In evaluating the validity of this proposition, the questions, answers, and illustrations below will help us better understand the relevance/irrelevance of the said disclosure toContinue reading “IDENTITY DISCLOSURE OF COVID19 PATIENT WILL NOT PREVENT THE SPREAD OF VIRUS”

Nothing to do During Community Quarantine?

So, you’ve already stocked up on food and supplies, made sure that everything is in order for the home quarantine period, and have no important pressing matters to attend to. What else can you do aside from aimlessly surfing the web? For those looking to pass the time during this home quarantine period, here areContinue reading “Nothing to do During Community Quarantine?”

5 Activities that a DPO can do while Working From Home

On 16 March 2020, following the sharp increase in the number of confirmed Covid19 cases, the President of the Philippines declared an enhanced community quarantine and ordered the imposition of stringent distancing measures over the entire Luzon effective from 17 March 2020 (12am) to 13 April 2020 (12am).   As regards work in the private sector,Continue reading “5 Activities that a DPO can do while Working From Home”


With the global pandemic brought about by covid19, the Philippine government announced several measures that may be observed in order to prevent the spread of the virus. The government has not implemented a total lockdown and but has announced a community quarantine in Metro Manila such as avoidance of mass gatherings, suspension of classes andContinue reading “THE EFFECTS OF ADOPTING AN ALTERNATIVE WORK ARRANGEMENT”

Privacy of Covid19 Patients

Recently, messages and social media posts have been circulating containing the alleged list and photos of some of the patients who were infected by covid19. And there were even clamors among the public to disclose all information of all those who were infected by the virus for public safety and health reasons. How shall weContinue reading “Privacy of Covid19 Patients”

5 Privacy Tips while Working from Home

In the Philippines, Republic Act No. 11165 was enacted by Congress to institutionalize telecommuting as an alternative work arrangement for employees in the private sector. “Telecommuting” refers to a work from an alternative workplace with the use of telecommunications and/or computer technologies. Said work arrangement may be offered by an employer in the private sectorContinue reading “5 Privacy Tips while Working from Home”