Good Tips for Data Protection in Online Dating!

The majority of single people dream of finding true love. Nevertheless, they jumped at the chance on using online dating apps to meet “THE ONE”. Some individuals are fortunate while some are not. But is it safe for us to utilize this online app? Here are a few pointers that can help us stay safeContinue reading “Good Tips for Data Protection in Online Dating!”

How to Protect your Online Game Account from Hackers.

Nowadays, not just geeks play video games. The number of individuals that play games globally has made the gaming business one of the sectors with the quickest rate of growth on earth. This is due to the variety of platforms that are available, ranging from personal computers and gaming consoles to handhelds, smartphones, and tablets.Continue reading “How to Protect your Online Game Account from Hackers.”


In this case, Respondent Paymaya Philippines, Inc is hereby ORDERED to furnish the Complainant MGLB the name of the recipient of her personal information in compliance with Section 16 (c) (3) of the Data Privacy Act, and pay the Complainant the amount of Forty Thousand (P40,000) Pesos as nominal damages to vindicate Complainant’s right to access, whichContinue reading “MGLB vs. PAYMAYA PHILIPPINES, INC. (NPC 19-653)”

Protecting your credit card information.

As our generation advances, so do our means of meeting our basic needs. One is how we purchase items, whether it be from a store or online. The majority of consumers pay with credit cards or electronic funds transfers. Credit card companies enforce the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to ensure retailersContinue reading “Protecting your credit card information.”