Is Sim registration beneficial??

Is your SIM registered already? Deadline to register is fast approaching.

Since December 29, 2022, all users must register their SIM cards; otherwise, they will be permanently deactivated after six months. Additionally, new SIM card users must register their cards before using them. Once a customer buys a SIM card, retailers and telecom companies are responsible for assisting with SIM card registration.

But is sim card registration helpful? What benefits and drawbacks come with registering our SIM card?

What benefits do Sim Card registration offer?

1. Users of SIM cards can save contact information directly on the chip. 
2. The government can identify mobile phone users with the help of SIM card registration, which can help in the fight against terrorism and other illegal acts.
3. In the event of an emergency, registered SIM cards can be used to instantly identify the user, enabling quicker response times and improved emergency services.
4. Since registered SIM cards are connected to the user’s personal data, they can also aid in preventing fraud and other criminal acts.
5. In order to activate a fresh SIM card using a victim’s identity and mobile number and subsequently use the number for unlawful actions, SIM switch is a sort of mobile phone fraud that can be avoided.

Disadvantages of Sim card registration.

1. It’s extremely simple to understand how challenging it could be for these telecoms to manage the registration of around 90 million prepaid SIM cards given that only 10% of the nation’s total mobile consumers are registered or have postpaid accounts. Not to mention that this can result in more expenses and staff.
2. In addition to mobile phone services, internet transactions also require SIM cards. They contain our contact information, identity information, and the key to many more services. The Constitution forbids all arbitrary and unreasonable searches and seizures; warrants from a court are necessary. Additionally, the suggested system is vulnerable to abuse by those who have access to or control over the proposed database, which is, in some ways, the first step toward monitoring. It also jeopardizes the private rights of lawmakers, corporations, activists, and journalists.
3. Since we cannot rely on scammers, gangs, and criminals to register SIM cards in their own names. Ironically, the “solution” ends up giving crooks a fresh, possibly profitable opportunity.
4. SIM cards do not last forever. They are replaced, lost, or damaged.

SIM registration is necessary in the Philippines, per the National Telecommunications Commission’s (NTC) order, and noncompliance may result in penalties.

You can also refer to the National Privacy Commission’s (NPC) instructions on sim registration at the website provided below.

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