ADM & Partners—now accredited as an IPT by the NPC

ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting, Inc. has been accredited as an Institutional Privacy Trainer (IPT) by the National Privacy Commission (NPC). A virtual event hosted by the NPC took place last October 18, 2021, formally recognizing and confirming the certificate of accreditation to 10 IPTs and 3 APTs (Accredited Privacy Trainer). The formal accreditation of privacy trainers is part of the T3 : Training the Trainers Program by the NPC.

What does it mean to be an IPT?

As an IPT, an organization is recognized as highly qualified, well-experienced, and trusted training services provider to train, educate, and instruct the public on key concepts and correct interpretation of the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its IRR, and other NPC issuances. Being an IPT, means that a company has passed through the multiple screening process which assures NPC that the company is qualified to train others about data privacy.

An IPT is accredited every year to ensure that it is in keeping with the highest standards set by the NPC for its trainers.

As an IPT, ADM & Partners takes on the challenge and answers the call to provide excellent and quality training to individuals, tailored for the specific needs of the company, in ensuring that privacy laws are properly implemented.

ADM can now provide training to those who will undergo the DPO ACE Certification Exam to be conducted by the NPC.

About the T3 Program

The T3 is a program by the NPC seeking to further enhance and widen the scope of teaching and educating the public on concepts involving data privacy. Its goal is ultimately to support the main purpose of the NPC, that is to protect the personal data of FIlipinos.

In expanding the scope of education and awareness of the data privacy law, there would be a better compliance and observance of privacy rights by organizations and institutions.

It opens a new avenue, over and beyond the previous DPO Ace program, for many more individuals to understand, appreciate, and be good implementer of the law.

It is a rigorous system to vet qualified institutions and trainers, so that companies and corporation would know whom to turn to in enriching their workforce with data privacy awareness and knowledge necessary for meeting the requirements of the data-centric world.

Read more on the official site of the NPC’s T3 Program here.

Certificate of Accreditation by the NPC

For training and consultation inquiries

You may reach us at our Facebook page here or e-mail us at

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