How can you stop hackers from accessing your data through inactive devices?

When an individual stops using a product, they typically just discard it, sell it online, or abandon their gadget. However, there is no guarantee that data on destroyed devices can no longer be recovered. Some business owners, in particular, who are tech savvy, can still recover data from abandoned or destroyed devices. From this point on, they have quick access to any confidential data you may have saved on your device, including your bank accounts and other potentially sensitive documents. How can we prevent getting hacked from our destroyed devices?

Here are some suggestions you may follow before throwing away or selling your unused electronics online.

  1. Clean up all of the data as well as information on your personal device.
  2. It is recommended that you perform a factory reset on your device to eliminate all the personal data you have stored on it.
  3. Using a clean software to erase all of your data or removing the hard drive entirely and destroying it manually.
  4. If your devices are no longer in working order or are too old to be donated or used to make money, recycling would be the best approach to properly dispose of them.

Never just throw away outdated equipment; always ensure to remove all of your personal information beforehand. Electronic components are used to create durable devices. The environment will suffer if they are just left to rot on their own. Electronic garbage needs to be managed carefully and properly to avoid contributing to environmental deterioration.

By simply following these recommendations, you may protect not only your personal information and security but also the environment.

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