A More Privacy-Conscious World

With the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, and several other legislation of the same nature all around the world being strongly implemented, we see a shift on how Tech Giants, like Google and Facebook, present privacy and security options to their users.

Let us look at some options that give more power to the user and have them be involved in the protection, security and privacy of their own accounts.


Google introduced options to manage privacy and personalization settings of their users. On top of this, they have a privacy check-up guide which will help their user adjust and see their privacy settings.

Also, they have this robust security options, which manage passwords you have linked with that Google account. This check the strength of your passwords, prompting you to change them to something more secure. Aside from this, it prompts you to change passwords of those accounts which have been included in data breaches. This ensures your other accounts are protected.

Where can you access this wonderful settings?

If you’re on your browser, simply go to Accounts of your Google Account, accessed through your option button beside your Account Photo.

If you’re on your mobile devices, simply go to any of your Google Apps, click your Account Photo, and select Manage you Account.


Facebook also has their own Privacy Check-Up and Privacy Shortcuts.

Privacy Check-Up, as you can see above, it has all information on who can see what you share, instructions and steps on how to keep you account secure, how people can find you on Facebook, your data settings, and your ads preferences. These options enable a Facebook User to be in charge and be knowledgable on how their data is being made available to others. This gives them the power to monitor their privacy settings.

As for the Privacy Shortcut, it involves more of the various settings pertaining to privacy and security, as well as the information about how Facebook process the information they have on you. You can learn about your privacy in Facebook, how Facebooks Ads works, you can change your information, or even delete your whole Facebook account under this option.

This Privacy Shortcut enables user to exercise their basic data privacy rights. Here in the Philippines a data subject has 8 rights: Right to be Informed, Right to Access, Right to Object, Right to Erasure or Blocking, Right to Rectify, Right to File a Complaint, Right to Damages and Right to Data Portability.

You can essentially exercise six of these Rights, right here in this option.

Your Right to Access and Rectify is under here. As long as you have your password, you can access your account and change your information, whenever you want. Your Right to Erasure or Blocking is made available by options to deactivate or permanently delete your account. Your Right to Object is available, in terms of ads targeting, you can opt out of personalize advertisement. Your right to Data portability is available by the option which allows you to download all your Facebook info.

Options at your Fingertips

The options I showed you are clear indications that privacy and security are very important and the users should have the power over their own data. Our ever increasing online presence, we need a way to manage our privacy.

With all these options available to you, why don’t you start looking into your settings today?

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