Nothing to do During Community Quarantine?

So, you’ve already stocked up on food and supplies, made sure that everything is in order for the home quarantine period, and have no important pressing matters to attend to. What else can you do aside from aimlessly surfing the web?

For those looking to pass the time during this home quarantine period, here are four things you can do to keep yourself safe and secure:


Change your passwords.

Ideally, you should have different passwords for different accounts. If you’re forgetful, its handy to keep a record of your password in a notepad (either digitally or physically) or use password managers to keep track. Just be sure that you’re the only one who has access to your password masterlist. Keep it away from prying eyes.

For your new password, make it a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. This increases the strength of your password.


Log-out your social media account on devices you do not use.

This ensures that your account is not logged-in on devices you no longer have access to. For example, if you have used a computer not belonging to you, like in a computer shop, your work PC, school PC or your friend’s, your account may still be logged-in on that device.

For Facebook, simply go to the Settings > Security and Logins. The first set of settings would show the devices you are currently logged in. You can log out the devices individually, or there’s an option at the bottom where you can log out of all the sessions.


Disinfect your phone, other devices, keyboard and mouse.

This ensures that your also protected from germs while you use these devices during this quarantine period. You might as well disinfect that remote control.

Make sure your hands are clean too when disinfecting these gadgets.

Alcohol is safe on most gadgets, as long as you do not soak it and just clean the outside.

Do not use alcohol on computer and laptop monitors, as this may damages the coating that is applied on top of the screen.


Follow only the official pages of the DOH and WHO.

It is best to get your latest news and updates directly from the website of these agencies. But in case you have no access to the website, or it is down, they also have official social media pages. Make sure you’re following the official accounts to get the accurate and correct updates regarding the current situation. During times like these, trust only the experts and not the circulating viral news. Just because it’s trending does not mean it is correct. By following only official pages you are safe from incorrect information.

Here are the official pages:

Department of Health

World Health Organization-International

World Health Organization-South-East Asia Region

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